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About Post Basic B.Sc Nursing

Post Basic B.Sc Nursing (PB-B.Sc) is a programme that’s been fashioned to impart an understanding of advanced nursing. The course gives an opportunity to the candidates to brush up their medical skills including both surgical and non-surgical. BSc Nursing (Post Basic) is a 2 years course which is designed to enhance nursing skills of the professionals who already have a background in nursing or a similar field. It basically seeks to polish the competencies, critical thinking skills, competencies and standards as required for professional nursing. Post Basic B.Sc Nursing is a two-year undergraduate course that is ought to upgrade the personal and professional scope of work in the field.


1st Year

S.NO. Subject Hours Theory Hours Practical
1. Nursing Foundation 45  
2 Nutrition & Dietetics 30 15
3 Biochemistry & Biophysics 60  
4 Psychology 60 15
5 Maternal Nursing 60 240
6 Child Health Nursing 60 240
7 Microbiology 60 30
8 Medical & Surgical Nursing 90 270
9 English(Qualifying) 60
  Total 525 810

2nd Year

S.NO.SubjectHours TheoryHours Practical
11.Community Health Nursing60240
12.Mental Health Nursing60240
13.Introduction to Nursing Education6075
14.Introduction of Nursing Administration60180
15.Introduction to Nursing Rsearch & Statistics45120