Bhai Mati Dass College Of Nursing

Infrastructure / Facilities

Sports Complex:

Our College offers various types of sports and extracurricular activities. All the students are encouraged to participate in programs.

Indoor Sports Block

Indoor Sports Block and cultural programs are organised regularly according to the academic schedule of the respective colleges.

Girls/boys Hostel

The College has a separate secure hostels are available for boys and girls with all facilities. Special attention is paid towards keeping the students happy and healthy. Special efforts are made to develop good habits, discipline and cultured behaviour among the students.


There are six labs in the College, which are Maternal & Child Health, Community Health Nursing, Nursing Foundation, Pre-clinical, Nutrition Lab, Computer Lab and also Av Aid Room. All these labs are fully equipped with the latest apparatus and gadgets required for demos and practicals.


The College maintains a well stocked library. There is a good number of books on Nursing , Medicine, Surgery, Biology, Politics and Social sciences. A large number of magazines, text books, reference books, dictionaries, pamphlets etc. are also available. The latest issue of magazines on current affairs in politics and medicines are kept for the ready reference of the students. The study habit among the student is regularly inculcated.

More Facilities