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About Home Based Care Attendant

Homecare health care is the provision of medically related professional, Para professional, services and equipments to individuals and their families in their place of residence for the purpose of promoting, maintaining or restoring health or minimizing the effects of illness and disability.

A Nursing Assistant provides basic care and helps maintain a safe and clean environment for residents in healthcare facilities such as nursing homes and adult day health centers.


CCHBHCA -01, PAPER I - Block 1

Units Basics of Home Based Care
Unit 1: Introduction to Home Based Care
Unit 2: Communication and Interpersonal Relationship
Unit 3: Infection prevention and Control
Unit 4: First Aid at Home
Unit 5: Care of special groups e.g. care of mother, child, elderly etc.

CCHBHCA -02, PAPER - Block 2

UnitsHealth Conditions / Problems Requiring Home Based Care
Unit 1:Introduction to Human Body Systems
Unit 2:Introduction to Health Conditions/  Problems Related  to brain (Nervous System)
Unit 3:Introduction to Health Conditions  / Problems Related  to Digestive  and Urinary Organs
Unit 4:Introduction  to Health  Conditions  Related  to Heart, Blood  vessels and Lungs
Unit 5:Introduction  to  i-lealth  Condition»’  Problems  Related  to  Bones,  Joints, muscles and other conditions

CCHBI-íCA 03, PAPER - Block 3

Units Components  of Basic Care –  I
Unit 1: Hygieiiie Measure
Unit 2: Comfort and Safety Measures
Unit 3: Administration of Medicine
Unit 4: Dietary Management

CCHBHCA -04, PAPER IV - Block 4

Units Components of Basic Care –  II
Unit 1: Supportive Care
Unit 2: Care of Dying Person
Unit 3: Monitoring and Follow Up


SkillsPractical Manual –  I
Skill 1:History Taking  skills
Skill 2:Housekeeping skills
Skill 3:Skills Related to Personal Hygiene
Skill 4:Measurement of Vital Signs – TPR
Skill 5:Measurement  of Blood Pressure
Skill 6:Giving Positions with Use of Comfort Devices
Skill 7:Helping the Patient in Physiotherapy
Skill 8:Skills in Giving Medicines


SkillsPractical Manual –  II
Skill 9:Skills related to collection and testing of samples at home.
Skill 10:Skills Related to the Nutritional Needs
Skill 11:Skills Related to the Elimination Needs
Skill 12:Skills in Giving Inhalation
Skill 13:Skills in Dressing and Suction
Skill 14:Skills Related to Hot and Cold Application
Skill 15:Assist the Patient in Ambulation
Skill 16:Education to the Patient
Skill 17:Help seeking
Skill 18:Education  related   to  MCH  (Mother  &  Child   Health),  and  elderly patient